Desktop Flags - Blade


Whether it's a party, event, conference, or tradeshow, our desk flag will spread the word!

  • The mini flag may be small, but the digitally printed flag sets out what it is supposed to do - advertise
  • Premier quality polyester to ensure maximum usage without compromising on quality
  • The small flag comes with an easy set-up and pack up option

Desktop Flags - An Effective Advertising Strategy

If your business is struggling to come up with ways to advertise your brand and products, consider opting for our desk flag. Since only little assembly is required to set them up, you will have an effective advertising strategy set up in no time.

We can print text, image, or both on the desk flag and Table Flag. If you want, we can either print the same design on both sides of the mini flag, leave one side blank, or print a different picture.

Our Portable Small Flag is Perfect for Every Occasion

You don't always have to go big to create an impact on people attending the event, tradeshow, or your store. Our portable small flag will be a hit with potential customers. Due to the superior quality digital printing, our mini flag, available in blade and teardrop shape, will make your display stand out among people who will notice it from a distance.

For businesses working with a small or limited budget, our table flag is a cost-effective way to market your brand, products, and services.