Desktop Sneeze Guard

Desktop Sneeze Guard


Choose Heavy-duty Safety Products for Employees’ Safety:

  • Clear cast acrylic panels hold tensile strength
  • Serve a long-term and safe usage
  • Available in different sizes
  • Easy-to-fix; needs no special equipment to fix
  • Glossy finished see-through glass panels for an aesthetic appeal

Better and Safe Workspaces with Desktop Sneeze Guards

Don’t wait for the repercussions to happen in this COVID-19 era. Instead, furnish your workspace with improved amenities to ensure feasible precautions against the spread of communicable diseases.

Quick Fact Check on Sneeze Guards for Offices

  • Before reopening the offices, it is advisable to equip the reception desk, cash counters, individual desks with suitable safety displays to ensure the staff about their safety and hygiene during working hours.
  • Safety tools like desktop sneeze guards, countertop sneeze guards, and more are available at BannerBuzz to meet every possible requirement for every commercial and corporate set up.
  • These sneeze guards for desktops are heavy-duty yet easy-to-install within minutes.
  • The product comes in three panels that are lightweight, portable, and require minimum time and effort to sit on the tabletop.
  • As the cast acrylic panels are transparent yet very sturdy, hence, work as a barrier among the employees and surrounding infections.
  • Installing sneeze guards in the office prevents the employees from being infected from the air driblets that might attack them in a crowded working environment.
  • Being available in 3 variant sizes, it becomes easy to install them as per the space availability.
  • They facilitate the practice of social and safe distancing among employees by allocating a separate yet protective work desk.
  • Panels on the left, right, and front work as a blockage for contagions to spread further.
  • Sneeze guards for desks serve the best purpose for individual desks in offices, libraries, banks, pharmacies, help desks, and other single-seated workspaces.
  • Rounded corners are soft to touch and offer hassle-free movement to the individuals being in and out.

Moreover, we recommend you to equip the commercial units or offices with essential safety products in the present times of Coronavirus pandemic. Touch-free sanitizer floor stands, advisory yard signs, hanging sneeze guards, sneeze screen shields, and alike tools are available to transform infrastructure into a safe and secure one.

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