Desktop Sneeze Guard


Making face to face communications safer is a prerequisite of every office, business, and facility as a result of COVID-19. This desktop sneeze guard is yet another powerful safety tool that can protect your employees, staff or students from several airborne diseases.

Since these clear acrylic sneeze & cough shields create a protective barrier between two people, the chances of viruses being spread from one to the other decreases considerably. You can choose to install these desktop guards at reception desks, payment counters, schools, banks, pharmacies, hospitals or anywhere else where desktops are used.

These easy-to-install quality barriers possess a tensile strength of 760 kg/cm2, making them highly robust and durable safety tools. The rounded corners and elbow cutouts are intended to make these shields easy and safe to use.

The choice of three different sizes makes it easier for you to select a preferred shield as per your desktop & table size needs.

Bigger Savings Assured on Bulk Order of Clear Acrylic Sneeze Guards

These acrylic plexiglass sneeze shields can be ordered in bulk if you need multiple shields for your office, business space or facility. Our bulk buy discounts depend on the number of desktop sneeze shields you are ordering. To understand how these discounts work, please refer to the discount chart above.

These in-stock and ready-to-ship acrylic cough & sneeze guards also boast clear visibility as they are made of clear acrylic glass. The durable acrylic has a high tear resistance of >=1016 Ohm, making these very strong glass barriers.

3 Clear Acrylic Panels With Every Desktop Shield Ordered

For every desktop shield that you order, you will receive a package of 3 clear acrylic panels- 1 front panel and 2 side panels. If you have been looking for a way to make your desktop counters safe from COVID-19 or any other airborne viruses, then place your order for these guards now.

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