Die-Cut Handle Bags - Brown

Die-Cut Handle Bags - Brown


Durable Die-Cut Handle Bags with Sturdy Material

  • Composed of 130 GSM kraft paper material.
  • Available in 2 sizes 8 and 11 inches.
  • Enough Storage space and easy to handle
  • Affordable and Reusable die-cut handle bags
  • Handles are made of sturdy paper.

Re-Cyclable and Sustainable Die-Cut Handle Paper Bags

The nicest thing about buying re-cyclable die-cut handle bags is that they are reusable and great for the environment. The fact that these paper bags come with a die-cut handle makes the bag look even more fancy and elegant.

You can carry a fair amount of product weight in the bag because of its 130 GSM d You can use them as your gift packaging bag, shopping bags, exchanging gift bags, etc. Additionally, you can also use these bags at your respective stores for even retail purposes.

The brown color of these bags fits your varied needs in terms of color combinations. This is particularly true if you're looking for something versatile.

High-Density with 130 GSM Kraft Paper Bags with Brown Handles

Additionally, these white paper shopping bags have paper handles, which is a nice addition if you need a firm hold to carry the bags. You can also hang these bags from your bike, your closet, etc. if it's necessary. The die-cut handles have good grasp and are more secure.

Die-Cut Paper Bags are Available in Two Different Sizes

The die-cut paper bags are available in two different sizes, which are 8 and 11 inches with different dimensions respectively. This makes it easy for you to decide which size suits your requirements perfectly.