Do The Five Help Prevent Covid 19 Straight Pillow Case Backdrop


Straight Pillow Case Backdrops are Durable, Customizable, and Easy to Use

It is the responsibility of all facilities to keep visitors and personnel informed of critical information and safety measures about the potential spread of airborne contagions and prevention measures. The issue arises when attempting to convey this information to a large number of individuals in a comprehensible way. Custom backdrops are ideal for this task — you can easily customize the backdrops to convey your desired message and spread information efficiently.

Polyester fabric and sturdy poles combine to make the hand wash signs durable products. The construction provides for a backdrop that is suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.

The choice of three different size options ensures you get polyester backdrops that are truly suited to your unique requirements. Order only the graphic, solely the hardware, or both — BannerBuzz provides options to modify the product as per your needs so that you get a personalized product.

Our straight pillow case backdrops are easy to set up and assemble; you can install or dismantle the signs in a matter of minutes. This feature makes the backdrops convenient to use at many different events like trade shows or exhibitions, and also serves as a good investment as you can simply store the backdrops until you require the signs next.

Custom Backdrops are Easy to Care for and Procure

Easily clean the polyester backdrops with either a hand wash or a regular machine wash at normal temperature. The backdrops are easy to maintain and do not require a lot of time and effort for upkeep.

Get the hand wash signs conveniently delivered to your doorstep. BannerBuzz provides multiple shipping options to select from, based on your budget and the speed with which you need the backdrops delivered.

Straight Pillow Case Backdrops Offered with Discounts on Bulk Orders

Buy custom backdrops in quantities ranging as low as 2 to over 100. Discounts upon making bulk purchases are available to meet the needs of businesses both large and small. BannerBuzz makes it easy to make the purchase best suited to your requirements and your budget.

Polyester Backdrops Instruct Readers on Disease Prevention

Our custom backdrops enable you to raise awareness about effective methods for preventing the spread of contagious diseases, helping to keep staff and visitors healthy. Make sure your company is doing all it can to contain airborne pathogens with informational backdrops from BannerBuzz.

  • Polyester fabric graphic material
  • 230 GSM graphic weight
  • 32mm pole diametre
  • 1.4mm pole thickness
  • Hand/machine wash at regular temperature with a mild detergent

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