Do The Five Help Stop The Spread Coronavirus Window Clings


Window Clings are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

Preventing illness from spreading helps reduce downtime and use of sick days, maintaining efficiency and readiness in the workplace. As an employer, you need to keep things running smoothly by checking the spread of germs. Printed window clings that display steps for workers to take in order to protect all staff greatly reduces the chance of contracting illness that can slow down productivity. The simple instructions on the clings are easy to read, reminding employees to keep up the habits when going about their daily routines.

Thick static PVC allows the 'stop the spread' clings to stick to glass and stay securely in place without the use of adhesive. A graphic weight of 190 GSM adds further resilience and durability so the signs hold up against wear, even in busy, high-traffic areas such as breakrooms and bathrooms.

Printed window clings are bright and colourful, thanks to 600 DPI printing that produces clear, crisp text. The red hues stand out in sharp contrast against the white PVC substrate, while UV printing ensures visibility even at a distance.

Choose one of the available sizes or designate a custom size so that the opaque window clings are appropriate for the room size and for the windows used for their display. A space for specific instructions lets you request special, personalized touches for needs unique to your business or facility.

Stop the Spread Clings are Easy to Install and Eco-Friendly

The clings come with a squeegee tool to mount the printed window clings on the glass by removing air bubbles. No additional tools or adhesives are required, saving time, effort, and resources.

An environment-friendly printing method produces the opaque window clings without releasing any solvents into the surrounding air. Keep employees protected against contagious illness while also being socially responsible.

Window Clings Arrive Ready to Use

Pre-designed with clear, concise messaging and ready to install, these stop the spread clings require no additional design or customization. This means the notices are ready to ship sooner for a quicker delivery.

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