Do The Five Help Stop The Spread Covid 19 Garden Flags


Printed Yard Flags are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

To help avoid the transmission of airborne infections, you may find it necessary to provide important public health information or instructions to your visitor and employees. Our single or double-sided flags are suitable for offering key guidelines and precautionary measures. These products are appropriate for outdoor use.

Our double- or single-sided flags feature 90 GSM knitted flag fabric with robust iron poles that provides reliable support. The tightly woven fabric is strong and resists snagging so that the product holds up during frequent handling and use. These durable flags have a long lifespan.

Dye-sublimation printing on these outdoor flags delivers high-resolution text and graphics with visibility from a distance. The vibrant, full-colour printing offers a wide colour gamut with sharp contrast. The UV technology provides fade resistance for readable text over time.

Customization options are available, including print on one or both sides. You can provide specific instructions to create bespoke garden flags for your business. Tailor your flag designs to your company's budget and individual needs.

Garden Flags are Easy to Install and Ready to Use

The double or single-sided flags feature a message advising of the steps to take to reduce disease transmission. Our ready-to-use flags require minimal effort, facilitating the timely communication of information. Install them on arrival to help spread awareness.

Our single or double-sided flags come with sturdy iron poles for easy installation on different landscapes and ground surfaces. Installation takes just a matter of minutes, with no need for an extra hand or tools.

Printed Flags are Easy to Order

Various shipping alternatives are available for the single or double-sided flags, which you can select depending on your company's urgency and budget. Our team packs your order with care to ensure that your products arrive safely and in great condition.

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