Drive Up Covid-19 Testing Floor Decals


Resilient Drive Up COVID-19 Testing PVC Floor Stickers to Timely Facilitate Your Visitors

Providing visitors/patients with adequate parking space to park their cars and wait in while they find a waiting queue at the COVID-19 testing centres is necessary. Our highly-durable drive-up COVID-19 testing floor decals will help you guide visitors/patients to drive up to the testing centre and park their vehicles. Timely facilitate others with our floor decals.

We make these floor decals out of resilient monomeric PVC material that accounts for its longevity and exclusivity. They come with a matte finish and strong adhesive to increase utility. Ensuring non-flash visibility in the sun, they even withstand UV ray damage.

Our floor decals have a pre-designed graphic that says ‘ Drive-up COVID-19 Testing Keep Windows up’. It is printed in visually vibrant green, orange, white, and black colour. We use a 720 DPI eco-solvent printing process for high clarity.

This print is permanently dyed and never fades or rubs away, no matter the wear and tear on the decal. No matter the footfall on these awareness decals, they won't get damaged or come off the surface.

Easy-to-Apply Custom Floor Decals for Outdoor Parking Areas

We offer comprehensive custom sizing options on our floor decals. Our sizes start from 2ft width x 2 ft height going upto 30 ft width and 100 ft height. Depending on your requirement, you can select the most suitable size. The floor decal will be flash cut in your size. If you select a product size more than 4.875 ft in both width and height, it will come in multiple pieces.

You can easily apply these floor decals in your outdoor parking areas. We provide a squeegee application technique that aids in quick and effortless application. It will remove any air bubbles forming between the surface and the decal.

Bulk Quantity Discount on Orders of Covid 19 Floor Decals

We offer bulk discounts on purchase of COVID-19 floor decals in quantities ranging from 2 to 500. Check our overview table to see the special discounts offered for your purchase and place an order now.