Easy-Fold Mailer

Easy-Fold Mailers


Keep Your Package Contents Safe During Transit with Our Easy-Fold Mailers

  • Comprises top-quality corrugated sheet with 3 mm thickness.
  • Multi-color, digital prints elevate visual vibrancy.
  • Personalized graphics help in brand building & recognition.
  • 100% recyclable material helps reduce carbon footprint.
  • Easy-fold mailers come in a pack of 25.

Buy Custom Easy Fold Mailers with Corrugated Sheet & Personalized Graphics

Shipping books and magazines over long distances necessitates a well-designed, efficient packaging medium that offers a snug fit. Designed with longevity in mind, our premium-quality Easy-Fold Mailers

are the way to go for brands trying to switch to sustainable packaging. 100% recyclable, the mailers are scored at various depths to offer an adaptive fit. Digitally printed with personalized graphics, they help build a brand and increase recognition amongst consumers. Available in multiple pre-defined sizes and colors, they perfectly serve brands' packaging needs.

Features Top-Quality Corrugated Sheet:Crafted to stand the test of time, our long-lasting custom easy-fold mailers come with wall B flute corrugated fiberboard. The material is known widely in the packaging industry for providing enhanced cushioning and keeping packaging contents safe in transit. Besides, the multi-layered design is a barrier and keeps your contents safe from moisture and bacterial formations. Moreover, the stacking strength of the material allows you to place a large stock in your inventory.

Go Green with Recyclable & Sustainable Boxes:At BannerBuzz, our premium-quality easy-fold corrugated mailers are 100% recyclable and sustainable. Allowing you to reach your eco-conscious target audience effectively, they reduce your carbon footprint remarkably. Exceptionally versatile, our mailers can be reused and repurposed owing to their recyclable properties. Additionally, green packaging helps elevate your brand image and convey to your target audience that you care about the environment.

32 ECT Score for Optimum Protection:Worried about stacking your corrugated boxes on shipping and freight containers? Fret not! Our superior-quality easy, fold corrugated mailers have a 32 ECT score, equivalent to 200# test for stronger bursting strength. This allows your mailers to withstand pressure easily without the fear of collapsing during transportation.

Personalize Your Custom Easy Fold Mailers with Brand Name, Text, Logo, Etc.

Add a Personal Touch to Your Fold Mailers:Our easy-to-use personalization option allows you to add your brand name, logo, initials etc., to the mailer without any hassles. Perfect for brand building and increasing recognition amongst the target audience, it gives your business a premium touch. Moreover, it allows your customers to resonate with your brand whenever they see the packaging nearby.

Printed With Digital, Multi-Color Printing Technique:A well-designed and colorful packaging medium is all it takes to move ahead of competitors in an ever-changing business landscape. We at BannerBuzz employ high-end digital printing techniques to produce long-lasting, high-resolution and attractive graphics on your mailers. Our multi-color printing technique allows us to cater to different brands, tonality, and color schemes.

Easy Fold Corrugated Mailers Come in Attractive Colors & Pre-Defined Sizes

Multiple Size & Color Options Available:Depending on how large or small your packaging needs are, we provide numerous pre-defined sizes to choose from. Our sizes (L x W x H) range from 7.5" x 5.5" to 12.125" x 9.125. You can select the one matching with your packaging needs perfectly. Moreover, our attractive color options like brown and white add to the package's visual appeal like none other. All set to place your order? Good news – ordering at BannerBuzz takes only a few clicks of the mouse. So, stop waiting and shop for your mailer straightaway!