Employees Wash Hands Notice Garden Flags


Polyester Garden Flags are Hard-Wearing, High Quality, and Customizable

Maintaining hygiene in the workplace is essential to keeping employees and customers free from the impact of infections. Your business runs smoothly when employees maintain their schedules. The high-quality garden flags provide a constant visual reminder to keep up personal hygiene.

Featuring a high-quality 90 GMS knitted flag fabric, these flags deliver a durable and long-lasting performance. They are lightweight with tiny holes which allow air to go through. In addition, the double-sided flags withstand all-year-round weather elements without tearing.

The single-sided flags offer vivid and subtle colours created by using the sublimation printing process. The images on flags stay intact even after multiple washes, and they're fade-resistant. The high-resolution graphics give the fabric an attractive and eye-catching touch. With dimensions of 12 inch x 18 inch, our garden flags are easy to spot from a distance.

Customize our wash-your-hands flags depending on your placement, crowd, or budget. Single-sided flags display an image on the front, which is visible on the back of the flag at a 50-60% visibility. The double-sided flag fabric can have different images at the front and back or the same image on both sides.

Outdoor Lawn Flags are Portable and Easy to Install

The garden flags come with a durable iron pole for ease of installation. The stakes are freestanding, and they support long-term use outdoors in a range of weather conditions.

Our double-sided flags are lightweight and easy to move around. They're easy to reposition, ensuring that everyone gets to see the message on them. This portability eases management when signage is necessary for another location.

Polyester Garden Flags are Easy to Order

For comfort and peace of mind, these garden flags are easy to order with convenient doorstep delivery. They come with multiple shipping options, such as priority shipping, to accommodate business owners by delivering flags timely.

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