Fabric Display Stand Tower A


Stand Towers are Durable, Customizable, and Portable

Promoting new merchandise and sales discounts is a smart way to boost your business and bring in new and returning shoppers. Impressive signage of the right design gets the message across without obstructing foot traffic. Our fabric banner stands display colourful images and text that demand attention with both their design and height. These stands also have a small footprint, allowing you to place them in optimal spots without occupying a large amount of floor space.

We construct the frames supporting the banners from durable and sturdy aluminum, keeping the displays balanced and upright. This hardware also ensures that the fabric of the banner display stands remains taut so the text and graphics are visible and not hidden by folds. Aluminum construction is non-corrosive, protecting against rust from moisture exposure.

You can order the fabric display stands only and add your own signage or select just the banners and graphics for adding to another type of display. Other options include the use of Pantone (PMS) Colour Match to ensure a vibrant design. Printing double- or single-sided allows you to attract client from one or both sides. Specify the graphics you prefer or come up with your own to market your unique brand.

Both the aluminum stands and the banners are lightweight, making the fabric display stands easy to transport. The slim design of the stands means they take up minimal space and allow customers to move freely around them. If displayed outdoors, you can quickly place them inside in the event of bad weather.

Fabric Display Stands are Easy to Install and Available in Bulk

Minimize set up time by assembling the tube frames of the banner display stands on the spot. The fabric is also easy to slip onto the frame, allowing you to complete the job easily. A modular design requires no fastening to a wall, ceiling or floor.

Add more signs in and around your establishment with bulk orders of fabric banner stands. Keep extras on hand or set aside seasonal banners for the right time of year. When your business orders in bulk, it gets the bonus of a discount that supports your marketing budget.

Easily Order our Stand Towers

Several available delivery options streamline the process of ordering our fabric display stands, helping you get your signage materials sooner. Choose the best shipping method and speed for your requirements and stay on track to promote the newest service or product.

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