Fabric Pop Up Straight Display

Fabric Pop Up Straight Display


Fabric pop-up display provides a vibrant, tightly woven visual that is a great alternative to traditional backdrop displays

  • Light weight easy to carry and set-up
  • Velcro attachment
  • Travel bag also available

BannerBuzz has a range of signage solutions that can meet almost all of your advertising needs. Our fabric pop up straight displays for instance are versatile enough to accommodate any content and custom look you need. You can attach almost anything to the fabric by applying hook fasteners to the back of your signs. The fabric itself can act as the look half of the hook and the loop system. In other words, you can reposition or re-attach accessories as many times as you like and in seconds. In fact, you can change the entire layout if you wish if you want to set up a new promotion.

We will also throw in a travel case that comes with wheels so you don't face any hassle while transporting your fabric pop up straight displays to your chosen venue. Since the design is a popup, set up is quick and painless. Once you set up the display, the magnet bars will provide support to the fabric to keep it from slipping off. This will create seamless look that will look quite attractive in a trade show or a special event showcasing a new product for instance.