Fitted Table Covers - 4 Sided

Fitted Table Covers - 4 Sided


Perfect for trade shows, promotions, events or simply in the office for ad solution

  • Choose from a full spectrum of colors
  • Made of high quality polyester
  • Available in three standard sizes

4-sided fitted table cover-zipper back: For a polished and professional look!

When it comes to showcasing your business at a corporate event you would want to make sure you do it with perfection as doing it with perfection can mean the difference between success and failure. Table covers are one of the most significant accessories that are aimed at beautifying your display booth or your stand at a trade show.

Most often, your display booth stand is typically placed right in the center where it can be viewed from all sides. The table cover you select could be one of the first things that grab the attention of your audience as they approach your display stand. Just imagine what impression your business would make if your table cover draping your table all wrinkly. Needless to say, it would damage the reputation of your brand.

Table covers are considered an incredibly powerful means of promoting your brand in a cost effective manner. Whether it is about enhancing your brand image or improving your brand visibility, four-sided stretch table covers - zipper back will not fail to make a statement.

We make use of the best technology and materials for all our products. Our dedication to excellence and quality makes our clients come back to us time after time for all their display marketing needs.

4-Sided Fitted Table Cover Zipper-Back: Your Go to Partner!

There are a number of reasons why 4-sided table covers-zipper back offers the perfect option for your tradeshow display. If your display booth arrangements require you to place your table at a position from where it can viewed from all angles, you would need a cover that drapes the table from all four corners.

But if you are looking for a setting that gives you the benefits of a four sided table cover and a three sided table cover (which allows you to store your things underneath the table), four-sided fitted table covers from BannerBuzz would be your best bet.

3-sided table covers the table from four sides giving you easy access to stuff you have stored underneath your table. Combining the features of a 3-sided table cover and a four sided table cover, 4-sided table covers can be a perfect addition to your advertising display.

From fabric to print and the variety in designs, we offer you a range of choices when it comes to table covers. You can pick the colors and designs that offer you the best results based on your specific needs.

Aesthetically Appealing and Cost Effective Promotional Tool

When used diligently, your display table offers a great way of attracting your target audience and power up your brand awareness. The best part about fitted table covers is that these can be used several times for different events to boost brand awareness and attract the attention of your target audience.

And with BannerBuzz, you get the best quality table covers at unbeatable prices. Whether you are looking to design a customized table cover that suits your business needs or use one of our templates, you have the complete freedom to design table covers just the way you want. In addition to design theme, you can also pick a fabric of your choice for designing your table cover. You can browse through our complete range of custom 4-sided table covers-zipper back to select a cover that best suits your needs

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