Flat Greeting Cards


Key Features

  • Full-Color Printing: Ensuring sharp images and vibrant hues for every card
  • Finish Options: Gloss for brilliant sheen or Matte for subtle elegance, tailored to your taste
  • Customizable Options: Multi customizable options including orientation, size selection, paper type
  • Smooth Writing Experience: Ideal surfaces for personal notes with oil-based ink pens or permanent markers
  • Environment Friendly Papers: Crafted from recyclable material to minimize environmental impact
  • Multi Design Options: Extensive options for personalization to meet all your creative needs

Product Overview

Unforgettable Impressions: Premium Flat Greeting Cards for Every Occasion

When the holiday season kicks in or you've got a special event on the horizon, touch base with your key people using standout flat greeting cards. Our top-tier printed flat greeting cards are more than just a vehicle for sending good vibes. These cards are crafted with a full-colour printing technique, producing sharp visuals and vivid hues, making sure your message is not only seen but truly felt.

Produced through a vibrant full-color print method, the 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss impresses with its durable, heavy texture, reflecting high quality and making colors stand out vibrantly, perfect for striking birthday greeting cards.

Conversely, the 14 pt. Cardstock Matte radiates sophistication with its smooth, matte surface, providing a classy option for branding. Both varieties are eco-friendly, crafted from sustainable materials, designed to convey a strong message. For optimal quality, it's advisable to do a test print when employing oil-based ink ballpoint pens or permanent markers on these top-tier cardstocks.

Customization at Your Fingertips: Leave a Lasting Impression with Flat Greeting Cards

The magic of customization transforms any greeting into a cherished memento. Our customizable flat greeting cards for businesses are a breeze to personalize, ensuring you leave a lasting mark effortlessly. You can pick from front-only or both-side printing to amplify your message's reach.

Choose the layout horizontal to fit your design, and pick from a range of paper types and quantities to match your requirements. Whether you're tapping into our eye-catching templates, uploading your own design, or using our web-based design tool, crafting customizable flat greeting cards that reflect your brand’s identity is a walk in the park.

And, with their easy to write on surface, best matched with oil-based ink pens or permanent markers, adding a personal touch is straightforward and impactful.

Sustainable Choices: Eco-Friendly Custom Greeting Cards with Savings and Convenience

Opting for eco-friendly products is not just a trend; it's a commitment to sustainability. Our eco-friendly custom greeting cards are made with environmentally friendlier materials, a commitment we take to heart in every product we create. Plus, benefit from discounts on large orders, blending savings with quality in your shopping journey.

Choose from a variety of delivery methods designed to accommodate different budgets and schedules, ensuring convenience from the moment of purchase to the doorstep delivery reflecting the joy of both giving and receiving.