Floor Decals / Signs


Floor decals are a breakthrough from the traditional signage products. Floor decals are fast catching up with a variety of businesses - mainly retail, workshops, educational institutions and others.Floor decals are signs for the floor or are also commonly known as floor graphics. Like most of our other products, floor decals too come with an easy peel-and-stick application.

The only caution needed for these floor signs is that the floor should be absolutely free from dirt and dust. Once the floor is clean and dry, floor signs can be installed manually by following the simple instructions in the installation manual.

Floor decals are made of tough vinyl material that can stand dirt, dust and friction. So you can use these custom signs even on floor with heavy foot traffic. They can be used both indoors as well as outdoors and are very easy to clean. Floor signs do not require much maintenance; however, they are easily removable. So once the purpose of the floor decals is done with, they can be easily removed.

BannerBuzz uses the best quality of strong and durable material for floor decals and these signs are digitally printed using high quality, insolvent, UV resistant ink. This allows the floor signs to be used for a long period of time. The floor decals look as attractive as freshly installed due the best quality of material and print. At BannerBuzz, you can choose your floor decal from a number of templates available in our online collection or you could create your own custom sign. The custom signs can be customized for both size and design and BannerBuzz gives you the option of printing them in full color so that the creativity is not restricted.

So do you have any unused floor space at your business place? Or do you need to give directions to your customers or employees? Do you want to advertise creatively? Or do you just want to add some fun to your space? Then you needn't think twice because BannerBuzz gives a 100% price and quality guarantee on all its products.

Note: There may be size variation of 1 Inch.