Folded Custom Menus


Key Features

  • Opulent Texture: Made with superior paper stocks for lasting use and a sensory experience
  • Diverse Paper Options: Selections include 100 lb. Paper Gloss, 100 lb. and 10 pt. Cardstock Matte, 90 lb. Paper Uncoated
  • Green Initiative: Committed to eco-friendliness with materials sourced responsibly
  • Design Freedom: Unlimited customization options for detailed interior or striking exterior layouts
  • Exact Craftsmanship: Precise size and border specifications for perfect menu alignment
  • Ink-Friendly Quality: Paper types compatible with oil-based ink ballpoint pens and permanent markers

Product Overview

Enhance Your Dining Ambiance with Folded Custom Menus

Step into the realm of Folded Custom Menus, where superior quality meets sophisticated elegance. Our menus are produced on top-tier paper stocks, offering both lasting endurance and a remarkable tactile sensation. The 100 lb. Paper Gloss is a favored selection, delivering a radiant gloss that intensifies colors and sharpens images, making it excellent for a foldable menu.

For a more understated finish, our 100 lb. Paper Matte provides an elegant, non-reflective surface that captivates without being overbearing, perfect for 2 fold menus that desire a refined touch. Meanwhile, our 10 pt. Cardstock Matte adds a touch of lightweight sophistication to your dining setting, with scoring needed before folding to achieve flawless precision in each fold.

Eco-friendly enthusiasts will value the 90 lb. Paper Uncoated choice. Ideally suited for folded menu templates that include forms or extensive details, its superior writability and environmentally friendly origin make it an excellent selection.

Customization That Resonates with Your Restaurant

Revitalize your dining experience with unmatched customization possibilities. Our custom folded menu printing offers complete creative control, supporting intricate designs inside or bold visuals outside, addressing all facets of folded menu printing with outside and inside options.

Every menu can be customized to reflect your brand's core or the theme of your special event, offering endless possibilities! With size variations kept within +/-3mm and recommended borders of at least 3mm to prevent cutting errors, each menu is crafted to perfection in every aspect.

Eco-Conscious Choices & Streamlined Delivery

In a time where sustainability is as crucial as style, Folded Custom Menus don't just make an impression; they establish new benchmarks. Using materials like our 90 lb uncoated paper from sustainable sources, your choice extends beyond aesthetics to environmental responsibility.

Prepare to transform your restaurant's presentation. Selecting custom folded menu printing for restaurants signifies a commitment to impactful and functional design, and we're dedicated to facilitating a smooth process from order to doorstep delivery.