Folded Hang Tags

Folded Hang Tags


Convey Your Marketing Information with Folded Hang Tags

  • Vibrant colour printing makes the tags stand out.
  • Choose from a variety of sizes.
  • Writable surface allows you to record your marketing data.
  • Sustainable material help prevent environmental damage.
  • Volume pricing for bulk orders.

Easily Writable Custom Hang Tags are High Quality and Customizable

For both products and services, the use of hang-tags is an effective way to connect with your customers. Custom hang tags are a solution to help your product to attract the attention of prospective buyers. A well-designed label can be both aesthetically beautiful and instructive.

These high-quality folded swing tags offer vibrant colours and graphics that will quickly catch the eye of your customers and draw them to your products. Well-crafted tags will reflect favourably on your brand and deliver your message effectively.

For your business hang tags to catch the eye, we offer a variety of personalized finishing options. They come in a variety of sizes and colours, and you may print on both sides. Customize the graphic using available templates, upload artwork, or design it online.

Our folded hang tags feature a smooth surface that makes it easy to write on. They provide a spot to jot down product or company information for simple communication. It's best to use a permanent marker and a ballpoint pen.

Sustainable Folded Hang Tags are Available in Bulk

Folded swing tags are earth-friendly and socially responsible marketing solution given their sustainable materials. They have a lower footprint in landfills because of their modest size. They also help raise your company's profile and trustworthiness among environmentally sensitive customers.

Large and small institutions alike will benefit from bulk ordering. Business hang tags are available for purchase in quantities ranging from 250 to 5000.

Custom Swing Tags Are Easy to Order

Each stage of the ordering procedure is straightforward, making it simple to receive the custom hang tags you require for your business. To receive your hang tags on time, you can select options such as doorstep delivery. Our priority shipping service will ensure that your purchases arrive in the best possible condition.

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