Folded Note Cards

Folded Note Cards


Folded Note Cards let You Send Personalized Messages

  • High-quality printing provides a professional appearance.
  • Readily customizable to meet your specific requirements.
  • Durable cards can withstand tough conditions.
  • Easily writable with your preferred choice of ink.
  • We offer a variety of shipping alternatives for convenient delivery.

High-Quality Folded Note Cards are Durable and Customizable

A personalized marketing tool is essential for customer retention and attracting new prospects. Birthday note cards are a popular marketing tool for celebrating new customers and keeping in touch with long-term clientele. The cards provide a personal touch that no other marketing instrument can match.

Crafted from uncoated card stock, the printed note cards are durable. A stiff surface ensures that the cards won't bend or wrinkle. Premium-quality paper resists micro-tears and abrasion for longevity.

Printed with a high-quality printing technique, our invitation note cards offer brilliant and distinct colours. The long-lasting visuals make an impression on potential clients and convey information clearly. With their professional appearance, the cards will make a positive impression on clients and staff, fostering engagement.

Depending on your requirements, you can choose from a variety of distinct size ranges of folded note cards. You can further customize the cards with envelopes and single or double-sided prints. Choose the pack size according to your needs. You can either upload your own artwork or design online using the templates.

Eco-Friendly Birthday Note Cards Offer Easy Writability

Made out of recyclable material, the printed note cards are eco-friendly. The recyclable material helps reduce carbon emissions and footprint. Thus, using our environment-friendly cards fulfils your company's social responsibility towards a greener planet.

The uncoated material of the cards offers excellent writability. Simply personalize the invitation note cards with your choice of message. Write with standard oil-based ink pens and permanent markers to convey your message.

Our Folded Note Cards are Easy to Procure

You can choose from a variety of shipping options based on your budget and the urgency with which you need the order. Select doorstep delivery for a convenient and speedy arrival. We package birthday note cards for shipment using the utmost care for your safety and satisfaction.

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