Folded Pocket Calendars

Folded Pocket Calendars


Employ Functional Marketing Material with Folded Pocket Calendars

  • Colourful printing makes the calendars stand out.
  • Choose or design a graphic template and pick from a range of sizes.
  • A writable surface allows for jotting notes and reminders.
  • Sustainable materials reduce the environmental impact.
  • Order in bulk as needed for effective marketing.

Pocket Calendars are Customizable, and Writable

There are many ways to advertise your business or professional services to potential customers. Whether you're at a trade show or have a booth at an outdoor festival, the right marketing material makes you memorable to attendees. Our custom pocket calendars are conveniently compact and serve a useful function while reminding customers about your business or promotion.

High quality printing makes these folded calendars vibrant and colourful so they are pleasing to look at. Graphics on the front cover create a distinct impression, drawing the eye of potential customers. The inside also has easy-to-read month names and dates.

Make these custom pocket calendars uniquely your own with a range of options to choose from. There are multiple sizes available, as well as matte or gloss finishes. Pick one of the many available templates or make your own design to advertise anything from a consultancy business to an upcoming sporting event.

The smooth finish of these business pocket calendars provides a conveniently writable surface. It offers a place to jot down contact info or for customers to write reminders. A ballpoint pen or a permanent marker is recommended.

Folded Calendars are Eco-Friendly and Available in Bulk

Made of sustainable materials, the folded calendars are an eco-friendly and socially responsible marketing option. Thanks to their small size, they have a smaller footprint in landfills. This also helps to boost your business' profile and credibility with environmentally conscious customers.

Meeting a large number of people at conventions and festivals means handing out a lot of custom pocket calendars. BannerBuzz makes it easy to order the large quantities you need to spread word of your brand. Select as few as 50 calendars or as many as 2,000 and get discounts commensurate with quantity.

Pocket Calendars are Easy to Order

Every step of the ordering process is simple and convenient, making it easy to get the business pocket calendars you need. Choose delivery options such as doorstep delivery to receive your calendars in a timely manner. Speed up shipping with our priority service.

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