Folded Postcards
  • Folded Postcards
  • Folded Postcards
  • Folded Postcards

Folded Postcards


Greet your friends & Market your brand - all in one

  • Folded postcards allow for more printable space than standard postcards
  • Custom solutions that double as greeting cards and marketing materials
  • Perfect tool to use for celebratory events and occassions such as birthdays, holidays and more
  • Personalize using the ample available space, hand out to potential customers, and generate brand awareness

Our Custom Folded Postcards work perfectly as greeting cards and promotional products. They serve a wide range of purposes, and can be personalized to suit your unique needs:

  • Birthday cards, holiday cards, graduation cards and more
  • Communicating your brand message to customers
  • Promoting new products, deals and more about your brand
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Flat Greeting Cards
5.5" x 3.5" Starts at $11.66(Pack of 25)
Presentation Folders
9" x 12" Starts at $718.75(Pack of 250)
Custom Envelopes
9.50" x 4.25" Starts at $46.10(Pack of 250)
A4 Envelopes
11" x 8.5" Starts at $268.75(Pack of 250)
Standard Postcards
6" x 4" Starts at $51.25(Pack of 250)