Folded Take Out Menus


Key Features

  • Superior Quality Materials: Utilizing top-notch materials to produce menus with lively colors
  • Finish Diversity: Choose from 100 lb. gloss, 10 pt. matte, 100 lb. matte, and 90 lb. uncoated paper
  • Enhanced Detail: Advanced printing technology presents every menu item with impeccable clarity
  • Green Choice: Eco-conscious paper selections provide great writability and support environmental sustainability
  • Endless Customization: A wide array of choices for personalized takeout menu printing
  • Ink-Friendly Surfaces: Papers are well-suited for oil-based ink ballpoint pens and permanent markers

Product Overview

Uplift Your Brand with High-Quality Folded Take-Out Menus

In today’s fiercely competitive market, making your mark is crucial. Our high-quality take-out menus are crafted to grab your customers' attention and create a memorable impact. Printed on superior materials, our menus feature vibrant colors and clear details that bring your culinary offerings to life.

Choose from our environmentally friendly 90 lb. paper uncoated for outstanding writability, or go for the glossy finish and rich color definition of 100 lb. paper gloss - a favorite for menu printing. For a touch of sophistication, our 10 pt. cardstock matte offers a distinguished finish that’s bound to impress. Alternatively, the 100 lb. Paper Matte gives a robust, matte finish with excellent writability for those preferring a less reflective surface.

Customize Your Menus to Perfection

Recognizing the distinctiveness of each dining establishment, we provide three seamless customization options for your folded take-out menus: select from our ready-to-use templates, upload your own design, or engage a designer for a unique creation. Whether you're in search of customizable glossy take-out menus for eateries or custom printed takeout menus for restaurants, we offer comprehensive solutions. Choose from an array of sizes and fold styles to best present your culinary selections. Our menus are designed for easy personalization, ideal for highlighting daily specials or promotions. Embrace the simplicity of crafting a menu that reflects your brand and engages your patrons, all easily accessible.

Eco-Considerate Choices & Seamless Delivery

Embracing sustainability can be straightforward with our eco-friendly folded take-out menus printed on recyclable materials, meeting your business needs while promoting environmental care. Choosing the appropriate delivery option is easy: select based on budget or urgency and enjoy door-to-door delivery, meticulously managed to ensure rapid and quality-preserving arrival. Integrate these finely produced take-out menu printing solutions into your promotional strategy now and see how they seamlessly combine practicality with sustainability, enhancing your restaurant’s visibility to prospective customers and highlighting its dedication to environmental care.