Giant Flag Pole


Giant Flag Poles are Durable, Customizable, and Portable

Flags are an effective and popular way to advertise a business and its various promotions and events. All flags, especially larger ones, require the right hardware to get the most out of their attributes. Giant flag poles by BannerBuzz support the display of even the largest of flags, keeping them flying and visible to potential customers. These poles allow for the creation of impressive marketing visuals at the business site and at trade shows and outdoor events.

Aluminum construction grants these advertising flag poles long-lasting durability and resistance to corrosion. Use them in outdoor or indoor displays at trade shows, car dealerships, festivals and other events and locations. Sturdy bases also hold up in the elements while providing stability.

Our marketing flag poles come in three different sizes to match your requirements and any existing flags at your disposal. We offer the option to order the poles by themselves or to include flag graphics in a variety of designs or with your own graphic. Further customize as needed with special instructions.

With a telescoping design, these outdoor flag poles are not just height-adjustable but also easy to put into storage between uses. Lightweight construction enables convenient transport by hand, dolly cart, or by vehicle to their last destination. Re-use the poles across multiple events and maximize your return on investment.

Advertising Flag Poles are Easy to Install and to Maintain

Round and square bases, with a fully stable design, make these marketing flag poles quick and easy to set up in your chosen spot. Put them where they get the most attention from potential customers and move them to new areas as needed. Flag hooks simply fit over the pole for quick attachment and removal.

The flags available for display on our outdoor flag poles are machine washable using the given cleaning instructions, allowing for easy maintenance. The sleek aluminum surface of the flag poles can be wiped clean to remove accumulated dirt, pollen, and other particles present in outdoor environments.

Giant Flag Poles Available in Bulk

Supply your customer's needs with wholesale and bulk orders of advertising flag poles. BannerBuzz also offers discounts on orders of two flag poles or more so you can create the marketing displays you want at all your business locations and events.

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