Green Screen Wall Box Background

Green Screen Wall Box Background

  • The hardware includes a sturdy aluminum frame with plastic attachments.
  • Add quality polyester green screen at a minimal cost.
  • A selection of predefined size dimensions is available.
  • A very versatile and portable display.

Sturdy Aluminum Green Screen Wall Box With Plastic Attachments

Green screens are one of the most trending VFX tools that are multipurpose and highly versatile. They allow you to effortlessly change any static image to life-like video graphics with post-editing. From being the most innovative motion-picture photography tool to helping people create professional backdrops at events, green screens are a highly futuristic display option. Our green screen wall box background is of highest quality. It is your ideal one-stop solution for all kinds of event and photography display background needs.

The sturdy black-coated aluminum frame offers solid support to the green screen display. The durable aluminum frame comes with plastic attachments. The frame together with the hardware attachments, helps you to set up the green screen wall box background in minutes without any professional help. The snap locks help connect the poles to form the massive display medium. The sturdiness and quality of the frame prevent the stand from bending under pressure, ensuring your green screen looks flawless at all times.

The frame is equally easy and convenient to take down as it is to set up. Since the frame is collapsible, it's easier to store and transport from one event or shoot location to another, making it a portable display tool. Please make sure that you store the frame and all its parts appropriately after every use to avoid any distress to any of the hardware parts. Proper maintenance and storage will help your frame to last longer.

Our green screen wall box background is available in a variety of sizes. These ready-to-order sizes allow you to select the dimensions based on your event or shoot needs. You can easily create horizontal banner-like displays or vertical tower-like green screen backgrounds by selecting the appropriate width and height accordingly.

High-Quality Polyester Fabric Green Screen

Although you can order the hardware standalone, the frame will not be fully-functional unless you already have a green screen fabric of similar dimensions as your frame. To get our complete green screen wall box background including the hardware and the screen, please change the "Add Screen" option to "Yes". The screen will be added to your order, and the updated price will reflect in the cart area.

Our green screen is made out of premium quality 200GSM polyester. Solid printed in PMS-354 green color, it offers an impressive display that is striking and stunning. Our full-color, 1440DPI, dye-sublimation printing adds vibrancy and longevity to the green screen. The fabric comes with a zipper or velcro that allows you to attach it to the frame. The final product is a seamless and impressive green screen wall box background.

Order More to Save More

Want to order green screen wall box background in bulk? Take advantage of our bulk order discounts by ordering bigger quantities. Placing your bulk order will make you eligible for more savings. To find the complete bulk-buy discount details, please refer to the above table.