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Hand Waving Flags
  • Hand Waving Flags
  • Hand Waving Flags
  • Hand Waving Flags
  • Hand Waving Flags

Hand Waving Flags


Banner Buzz offers custom printed hand flags that can have a significant effect on your marketing efforts

  • Excellent advertising tool to support your sports team, country etc.
  • Turn your logos, emblems into custom made hand flag
  • Available with different hardware options

Powerful yet affordable way to build brand awareness

  • Handheld waving flags are a powerful tool for showing off your brand, your distinctive features, your next mega offer or anything else that you want your targeted audience to know.
  • They are widely used at rallies, parades, marches, events and elsewhere.
  • But that's not the only purpose. Hand flags are also effective when it comes to marketing your products, brand and business!
  • Wave them off at the crowd at your next big event, and enjoy the attention that you get!

Our custom hand flags are perfect for any event big or small

  • We print our hand flags on 100D polyester - a lightweight material that holds onto the ink and colours. Plus, it's not so easily affected by the weather.
  • The print on our hand flags stays for long, and you can expect to use them for prolonged periods.
  • Banner Buzz also offers custom hand flags on which we print any design of your choice.
  • Whether you want a company logo and slogan on the flag or yourclubemblems, we'll print in using high quality inks.
  • Whatever you choose, we'll provide you with attractive, high quality flags that would make heads turn as you, your employees or even your consumers wave them around.
  • So place an order today, and see the effect that our enticing hand flags can have on your marketing campaign!
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Golf Flags
20" x 14" Starts at $25.59
Desktop Flags
6.77" x 13.78" Starts at $31.03
Garden Flags
12" x 18" Starts at $29.95
Clip Flags
9.06" x 20.47" Starts at $31.19