Handwashing Sink Only Compliance Signs


Easy to Install Compliance Signs Offer High-Quality Printing on Durable Aluminum

Every business needs a way to communicate information effectively to their employees and to the public in general. In order to establish compliance, it's essential to provide clear and direct communication on how to properly use the facilities. Our Compliance signs help ensure that all visitors receive the vital information in a prominent format. With large, clear text, the signs are easy to read and understand.

Our signs feature high-quality printing using UV-stable inks. Using this type of ink ensures that the handwashing sink only sign remains vibrant and easy to read over a longer term. The sign also performs well against harsh sunlight, and can meet both your indoor or outdoor placement requirements.

These hand washing only signs are very easy to install. With pre-drilled holes in each corner, the signs are quick to mount where they are needed. There is no need for a metal drill because the holes are already provided, which makes for a simple and straightforward installation process.

We use heavy-duty metal to construct our compliance signs, which contributes significantly to the product's quality and durability. With normal use, the metal will not warp, bend, or crack. Due to their ability to endure a wide range of environmental stressors, they are suitable for both indoors and outdoors use.

Customized Hand Washing Only Signs Can be Ordered in Bulk

Easily customizable, with multiple dimensions available to choose from, our hand washing only signs are conveniently sized to fit at various locations as per your individual space needs. Select the size you need from a variety of options, spanning from 8 x 3 inches to 28 x 20 inches and guarantee that your guests and workers follow the rules.

Our handwashing compliance signs can be ordered in varied quantities to suit the size of your business. From 2 to more than 500, there is something for everyone. We also provide bulk savings of up to $1000 (applicable until offer lasts) on your order, making it the most cost-effective way to outfit your firm with regulatory signage.

Pre-Designed and Ready To Ship Compliance Signs

With multiple shipping options to choose from, our hand washing sink only signs will arrive at your doorstep quickly and easily. Select the delivery method that works best for you in terms of budget and time and help establish health and safety measures in your place of business.

Compliance Signs To Safeguard Health of Visitors and Employees

Advisory hand washing only signs effectively communicate clear and easy-to-read sink use guidelines to your visitors and employees.

  • 0.40" mounting holes in corners
  • Heavy-Duty 0.046" Aluminum Sheet
  • Printed with UV-stable ink
  • 1" radius corners
  • Hole Diameter of 5 to 7 mm (Approx.)

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