This Sink is for Hand Washing Only Vinyl Posters


This sink is for Handwashing only vinyl posters- Make your Sink message clear

This sign can be used as a reminder or instruction sign to make your sink message clear. Pasting these notice posters above your handwashing sinks will ensure that others are reminded about using the sinks only for handwashing. It can be used as a compliance sign at hospitals, clinics, workspaces, etc. The easy to read messaging can be understood by people of all ages, including children. It is an optimum visual tool that can be used in restrooms as well. This easy-to-use hand washing label is in-stock and ready-to-ship. We have pre-printed and designed it to help you offer a quick solution. Once you receive your adhesive sticker, all you need to do is peel and stick. We use full-color, eco-solvent printing to print these notice labels on white vinyl material. You can further choose to get it laminated (glossy/matte) and UV printed based on your needs and budget. It is recommended to go for the protective laminate layer and UV printing for outdoor use. Doing so will make your vinyl poster more resistant to abrasion and moisture. This notice handwashing sign can be used in industrial, commercial, and public settings.

Apart from it, you can explore our extensive range of safety signs and other notice labels. Using such signs throughout your premises can help stop the spread of illnesses. We also have a range of special COVID-19 signs to help you promote awareness around this disease. In fact, it is crucial to prep-up your workplace or business space with various signages to keep your employees, customers, and visitors informed and protected during these uncertain times.

To place your order, select a size or add your custom size dimensions. Add your quantity and select lamination/UV printing options if needed. You can also order a squeegee with this pre-printed poster. We have specially designed this application tool for the easy and effortless installation of your pre-adhesive stickers, decals, and labels. The easy handling and pressure-control features of the squeegee result in bubble-free application of all our wall/window decals and posters.