HIP Reflective Yard Advisory Signs


Advisory Signs are Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable

Many people, including those visiting your business, have questions regarding public health alerts and what precautions they could take. They also appreciate the assurance of being well-informed with accurate information. Our lawn signs feature detailed text and explanatory graphics that go over essential facts and safe practices. These help to keep everyone visiting your establishment safe.

Corflute construction makes these yard signs sturdy and weather-proof. There's also a protective topcoat for added resistance to abrasion and scratches. Put the signs on display for long periods with the assurance of the graphic and text remaining legible with time.

High-quality printing makes the lawn signs eye catching and attractive with their clear text and vibrant, colourful images. The signs are highly reflective; they are visible in full sunlight and in low light environments. Full colour UV printing resists fading and stays bright.

Design custom yard signs that fit your exact needs by uploading your own graphic or designing one online with the BannerBuzz web-based tool. You can also choose from one of many available pre-designed templates and make any desired modifications. Other customizable options include the size of the signs and double- or single-sided printing.

Yard Signs are Portable and Eco-Friendly

Slim and lightweight, the lawn signs are easy to store and transport, so you can take many signs in one vehicle to install in their designated spots. Driving the metal stakes into the ground is all it takes to install the signs in an outdoor area. The simple installation also allows for quick removal and relocating as needed.

Creating the custom yard signs has a low environmental impact thanks to an eco-friendly printing process. There is no release of air-borne solvents, so the manufacturing process has a low emission footprint. This makes the signs a socially responsible choice on multiple fronts.

Advisory Signs are Available in Bulk

With yard signs available in bulk, you can get the supplies to deliver important information to all visitors. There are quantities available to serve large and small enterprises and wholesalers and retailers. A discount on bulk orders provides an additional perk for those ordering multiple signs.

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