HIP Reflective Yard Safety Signs


Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable Reflective Yard Signs

To safeguard customers and employees from disease outbreaks, businesses must take preventative steps. Putting up educational signs can inform people on what needs to be done to prevent the spread of diseases. Our safety banners and signs have features that ensure your cautionary message gets across, boosting awareness and aiding in the fight against an outbreak.

The long-lasting signs comprise a HIP reflective film and a 5 mm thick 1200 GSM corflute plastic and have excellent impact resistance, ensuring a robust and flexible product. Precaution signs are also weatherproof, allowing you to place them outside and in high-traffic areas to boost your message's visibility.

We employ UV printing and a 600 DPI resolution to generate high-quality prints with bright finishes and sharp contrast. This guarantees that every detail on the personalized yard signs is apparent even from a distance. Direct-to-substrate printing has exceptional fade resistance, keeping the brightness of the prints and capturing passers-by's attention.

Choose two-sided printing to have your brand message on both sides. Depending on your demands, you can choose from non-reflective, reflective, or HIP reflective materials. Metallic stakes are also available to help with installation. You may pick from three sizes or have a custom size that meets your requirements. Upload your artwork, use the templates to create designs, or hire a professional to help you create awareness signs that are unique to your business. To maintain colour consistency, use the Pantone (PSM) colour match option.

Portable and Easy to Order Safety Banners and Signs

Our precautions signs comprise lightweight materials, allowing you to place and reposition the signage as needed. Use metal stakes to anchor the signage, which are easy to use and allow for speedy installation. This practicality allows you to reuse the signage, lowering your advertising costs.

Depending on the urgency with which you require delivery and budget, choose from several shipping alternatives. This allows you to receive your personalized yard signs in a timely manner, ensuring that the public is aware of safety measures.

Get Discounts when Ordering Reflective Yard Signs in Bulk

Place orders for awareness signs according to your budget and requirements, whether you are a little or large business. If you buy in numbers ranging from 2 to 500, you'll get corresponding discounts, which will help you stay within your budget.

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