Italy Flag


Country Flags are High Quality, Durable, and Customizable

Homeowners, businesses, and governing bodies would like to express support for the country of Italy, whether to express Italian culture or to make Italian guests feel welcome. Fortunately, you can order promotional flags to display indoors or outside for customers, visitors, and supporters. By flying the flag of Italy, you have a great and simple way to honour this European country.

Our Italy marketing flags feature the 'il Tricolour' colour scheme with green, white, and red stripes. With high-quality dye sublimation printing, the flag is displayed with accurate colours that will not change or fade over time. This allows guests to instantly recognize the tricolour flag. The single-sided flag shows the graphic mirrored on the reverse side with 50 to 60% visibility.

Customize the patriotic flags to display in the way you prefer. If you already have flag mounting hardware, simply select the features you need so the flag is compatible. You can select one of four sizes for the best fit in your setting. Choose either metal grommets or pole pockets and whether you want this finish at the top or left side of the flag.

Each Italy flag weighs 90 grams per square meter (GSM), making it portable and lightweight. It's easy to set up, carry, and store the pole pocket flag when necessary. The flags are easy to relocate, should you wish to hang them in a different location. This makes the product reusable and versatile.

Italy Flags are Ready to Use and Easy Care

With the graphic pre-printed and finish already installed on the fabric, your patriotic flags are ready to use out of the packaging. Simply fasten the flag to your hardware as normal and display at celebratory events, sports festivals, and for promotional purposes. This saves you time and resources from having to modify the flag so it works with your flag mount.

Should you wish to clean and maintain BannerBuzz's promotional flags, you can easily do so. The synthetic flag fabric is machine washable using warm water, mild laundry detergent, and a gentle cycle setting. Alternatively, wash the flag by hand with a mild liquid detergent. Either method allows you to always display a clean flag that is stain-free.

Country Flags are Eligible for Bulk Order Discounts

Order two or more patriotic flags, and you can take advantage of bulk order discounts. With each flag included in your order, the cost per flag decreases, letting home and business owners save money should they need multiple units. Buyers can also choose economy shipping or urgent shipping to have their flags delivered faster.

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