Keep Out Covid 19 Quarantine Acrylic Signs


Quarantine Area Signs are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

There are a variety of workplace dangers that might put your personnel at risk of harm or cause unfavourable outcomes. It's critical to raise awareness about unsafe practices that jeopardize the safety of clients and employees. Our printed acrylic signs demarcate quarantine areas, warning unauthorized people to stay away in order to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

Our quarantine area customized signs are made of 5550 GSM strong cast acrylic material with a 5 mm thickness. This material has a high tensile strength, making it resistant to abrasion and ensuring that the product doesn't wear out quickly. The level of resistance allows you to use signs both inside and outside to direct people and warn those who aren't sick.

We use high-quality UV-stable ink to print the personalized signs, ensuring the images are visible even from afar. The information is clearly visible to visitors, resulting in enhanced communication. The ink doesn't smudge, so the graphics stay sharp even when they're exposed to the weather. Direct UV printing on substrate produces a glossy appearance that catches people's attention.

Customize your order to meet your business's unique demands. Choose from multiple size options or get a custom-size printed acrylic sign that fits the designated area. We also provide mounting options and an optional standoff to help with installation.

Acrylic Signs are Eco-Friendly and Ready to Use

On our outdoor acrylic signs, we use an environmentally friendly printing technique that ensures no solvents are released into the air, benefiting both society and the environment. This lowers your carbon footprint and assists your business in fulfilling its social duties.

Individuals who are not ill or authorized should keep away from quarantine areas, according to the statement on these printed acrylic signs. This saves you time and effort in the designing process, as well as helping to enforce safety measures to prevent the spread of viruses and maintain your facility's safety.

Quarantine Area Signs are Available with Bulk Order Discounts

Quarantine area signs are available in large and small quantities to meet the demands of any size business. Receive discounts when ordering from 2 to over 500 units. This provides an incentive to help you get enough signage as per requirements while staying within your budget.

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