Keep Out Covid-19 Quarantine Area Indoor Floor Mats


Hospital Floor Mats are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

As a firm, you must do your best to protect the safety of your customers and staff. After an epidemic, installing warning signs can help uphold standards at your institution to help prevent disease spread. These hospital floor mats warn unauthorized visitors and personnel not to enter quarantine zones for fear of coming into contact with disease-causing germs and pathogens.

We make the indoor floor mats with coral fleece and non-woven fabrics with backside grippers. These materials are breathable, moisture-resistant, and sturdy for high performance. The rugs are long-lasting, dependable, and suited for indoor use.

Dye-sublimation printing with 1440 DPI resolution creates high-quality graphics with excellent colour constancy. Full colour printing creates brilliant finishes with strong contrast, attracting attention to the hospital floor mats for clinics and facilitating successful communication.

The products come with customization possibilities to meet your specific requirements. Choose from two sizes and offer detailed instructions to ensure that the safety floor mats fit your branding for consistency.

Indoor Floor Mats are Portable and Come Ready to Use

We use soft and lightweight materials to make the indoor floor mats for clinics easy to move around. You can reposition the rugs as needed to enhance the visibility of your message and warn visitors to stay away from quarantine zones. Transport and use the mats elsewhere to increase your company's return on investment.

To avoid contracting contagious diseases, a statement on the safety floor mats reminds guests to obey safety rules and stay out of isolation areas. You'll save time and work by not having to design your rugs, and you can use the signage right away.

Printed Mats in Bulk to get Discounts

Whether you run a small, medium, or large business, order bulk quantities of printed mats based on your budget and needs. Discounts increase with the order quantity, from 2 to over 500 units, to help you stay on track with your budget.

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