Printed Kraft Paper Shopping Bags 

Printed Kraft Paper Shopping Bags 


Tear Resistance with Printed Kraft Paper Shopping Bags- Brown

  • Made of 130 GSM kraft paper material.
  • Print available on one or both sides
  • Printing ṁ in 13 colors (choose any 2)
  • Available in 5 sizes ranging from 5.5 inches to 8 inches.
  • Eco-friendly with the usage of paper material

Sturdy, Durable, and Eco-Friendly Printed Kraft Paper Shopping Bags

Yes, you read it right! The Printed Kraft Paper Shopping Bags- Brown tick all your requirement boxes. These bags are fashionable, sturdy, durable and even eco-friendly. You can use paper bags for various purposes such as shopping, grocery, gift packaging, travelling containers, etc.

These brown paper bags can be custom-printed according to your preferences. You can use this feature to prepare a different set of packages for different occasions and events.

For instance, you can personalize light and pastel color schemes for your birthday parties or anniversary or maybe bright color schemes for occasions like Christmas. On the other hand, such bags can also be used for travelling and even for transporting items to your loved ones.

The personalization option also helps in increasing your brand awareness. How? The easiest way to do this is by assigning a color to your brand and further by printing the same color option on these paper bags helps in the process of identification. In simple words, sticking to one color scheme with your brands helps the consumer to gradually resonate with your brand which in the end helps in increasing brand awareness.

Color has a language of its own - Custom Printed Brown Paper Bags

It is true, a color does have a language of its own. For example, when you see or hear the color green the first thing that clicks anyone's mind is nature. Similarly, when we say multi-color, we assume the rainbow color family. The custom-printed brown paper bags help with the same theme.

These paper bags allow its customers to choose from a wide variety of color options. To be precise there are 13 printing colors available for the same: black, yellow, cyan maroon, blue, red, violet, orange, pink, parrot green, dark green, multicolor, and white by sticking to brown as paper bags base color. Also, note that the printing of these colors is available for one or both sides.

Printed Brown Paper Bags Available in Different Sizes with 130 GSM Paper Material

The custom-printed brown paper bags are available in five different sizes ranging from 5.5 inches to 8 inches along with 130 GSM kraft paper material and paper handle material. All these specifications together allow the bag to hold more items or products without worrying about it tearing easily.