Leaf Hang Tags


Key Features

  • Resilient and Refined: Utilizes high-grade 14 pt. cardstock for durability and a polished aesthetic
  • Glossy or Matte Finishes: Select between radiant gloss for vivid colors or matte for understated elegance
  • Green Manufacturing: Crafted from sustainably sourced materials, emphasizing eco-conscious branding
  • Precision Customization: Offers extensive options for size and print adjustments to align with brand identity
  • Note-Friendly Surface: Features an uncoated finish perfect for writing with various inks
  • Design Versatility: Provides adaptable templates for custom artwork creation or direct upload options

Product Overview

Stand Out with Distinctive Leaf Hang Tags

Taking your brand to greater heights is both effortless and fashionable with our Leaf Hang Tags. Constructed from superior 14 pt. cardstock, these tags deliver longevity and an attractive appearance that will undoubtedly draw attention. With options for both glossy and matte finishes, our hang tags with string transcend being just a marketing tool; they embody your dedication to quality and meticulousness.

The 14 pt. Cardstock Gloss stands out with its solid, weighty texture, indicative of top-notch quality. Its reflective finish heightens color intensity, ensuring your hang tags for clothing or other products prominently shine. Meanwhile, the 14 pt. Cardstock Matte radiates sophistication with its flat, non-reflective finish, creating a discreet yet potent branding strategy.

Our Personalized Leaf Hang Tags are distinguished by their superior material quality. Whether you choose the dynamic gloss or the timeless matte finish, each tag is crafted to highlight your brand. The cardstock used is sourced from sustainable practices, showcasing not only the caliber of your branding materials but also your commitment to environmental stewardship.

Design Flexibility: Personalize Your Hang Tags

Central to our offering is a unique customization experience. Our personalized hang tags for clothing are versatile, with choices from size modifications to opting between impactful double-sided or concise single-sided printing. Our adaptable design templates offer an excellent foundation, whether you’re incorporating existing designs or creating new ones online.

For enterprises aiming for a bespoke element, our hang tags extend beyond mere aesthetics. The uncoated finish option facilitates easy writing directly on the tags, perfect for oil-based pens or permanent markers. Whether it's custom hang tags for clothing with specific details like size information, or crafting personalized messages that connect with customers, these attributes ensure your brand remains unforgettable.

Eco-Conscious Options & Smooth Delivery

In the modern marketplace, embracing green practices is not only ethically sound but also commercially astute. Our pledge goes beyond supplying premium personalized hang tags for clothing; it encompasses a commitment to sustainability. Choose our services with the assurance that you are making an eco-friendly choice without sacrificing quality.

When you're ready to procure your bespoke leaf hang tags, the process will be seamless. An uncomplicated ordering system, coupled with various shipping solutions designed to fit your budget and schedule, ensures straightforward access from any location.