Long Boxes - Brown (Printed)


Premium Brown Printed Long Boxes for Packaging and Shipping Demands

Protect your goods with our durable brown long boxes for shipping, meticulously designed to ensure that your parcels are delivered in pristine condition. The foundation of a successful dispatch strategy rests on the selection of appropriate shipping boxes. Our brown printed long boxes for storage have been developed with precision to provide your products with the ultimate protection.

In the domain of merchandise dispatch and safekeeping, the caliber of your packing containers critically influences the protection and integrity of your products. Our premium brown printed long boxes for storage are crafted from high-quality semi-gloss Kraft paper, conforming to the highest standards of quality and performance. These long cardboard boxes with printed design are tailored to support intricate shipping logistics or straightforward storage needs, ensuring that your products arrive in immaculate condition.

Manufactured from top-notch natural brown Kraft paper, our eco-friendly printed long brown boxes do not just offer unmatched protection; they also underscore a commitment to environmental consciousness. Their remarkable stacking strength is a key benefit, enabling worry-free storage without concerns of puncturing or collapsing.

Strength Meets Sustainability in Our Recyclable Printed Long Brown Boxes

Our Long-Corrugated Boxes are made from the finest quality material that is 100% recyclable, underscoring our dedication to sustainability. The core of our durable brown long boxes for shipping is constructed with a single-wall B flute corrugated fiberboard, allowing our boxes to exhibit extraordinary resilience. Each container is rigorously tested to an ECT (Edge Crush Test), proudly holding a 32 ECT rating which is equivalent to a 200# test standard for bursting strength, or roughly 68.039 kPa. This ensures each box preserves its structural integrity under duress, providing exceptional cushioning and protection during transit.

The commitment to durability in our long boxes is matched by our pledge to environmental responsibility. With the understanding that ecological considerations are critical, our eco-friendly printed long brown boxes are designed using 100% recyclable materials. The choice of high-grade brown Kraft paper not only presents a strong packaging solution but also encourages sustainable practices, catering to environmentally mindful businesses and consumers.

Tell Your Brand's Story with Custom Printed Design on Brown Long Boxes

Elevate your branding with our custom printed design on brown long boxes. These boxes are not only practical but also elegantly crafted to align with your corporate identity. Available in a range of sizes from 12x4x4 inches (approximately 30.48x10.16x10.16 cm) to 24x4x4 inches (approximately 60.96x10.16x10.16 cm), they cater to a variety of products and purposes. With digital printing available on the exterior, your brand's logo, name, or other branding elements are displayed clearly, enhancing brand recognition and adding value.

Moreover, our customization options are comprehensive. Whether you're in need of wholesale brown printed long boxes, bespoke long brown boxes for gift wrapping, or heavy-duty brown long boxes with prints for more demanding applications, our boxes are adaptable to your specific needs. This customization enhances the protective and secure nature of the packaging while adding a unique touch that makes your products distinguishable in the marketplace.