Magnetic Stickers

Magnetic Stickers


Advertising on the Go with Magnetic Stickers

  • Design to withstand harshest weather condition
  • Best alternative of regular stickers as easily removable and doesn't harm paint
  • Custom sizes and many templates to choose from

Magnetic Stickers can be installed on any metallic surface like vehicle bodies, refrigerators, metal doors or windows. They work as a great advertising and promotion tool, different from the conventional tools.

So you can print your company logo, contact information, announce any discounts, sales, participation in any trade show, giving your booth number at any exhibition or you could use vehicle Bumper Stickers just for fun with creative messages like 'You are following the birthday boy!' or 'get used to following the leader' or 'just married' and many such others.

Magnetic stickers come in 0.7 mm thickness and are very easy to install. The surface has to be cleaned and dried before installation of magnetic stickers. They can be installed manually by simply following the step-wise instructions given in the installation manual. These magnetic signs last for up to 3 years. They are very easy to remove and they do not damage the paint on the metal surface too. They can be used a number of times without any change in quality.

You could either select the design of your magnetic stickers from the large online collection of BannerBuzz, or design your own customized signs as per your requirement. BannerBuzz has a professional team of designers who shall work closely with you to get you the most efficient design of the sticker. Once the designs are finalized, they are shipped within 24 hours; over and above the 100% price and quality guarantee that you get on your order with BannerBuzz. So get your most cost effective and efficient magnetic stickers with BannerBuzz.