Maintain Safe Distance Business Flyers


Business Flyers are Durable, Customizable, and Eco-Friendly

To minimize downtime and keep workloads balanced, you may seek to keep the spread of illness to a minimum and prevent it as much as possible. Encouraging certain safe and hygienic practices among the workforce helps to ensure safe, healthy employees. Maintain Social Distancing flyers are easy to distribute and help to encourage staff to maintain a safe distance, which greatly reduces the likelihood of passing germs to others. These materials are suitable for any workplace where employees are in close interaction with one another.

High-density paper and card stock make social distancing flyers durable and long-lasting, even when placed in storage or after repeated handling. This also helps to keep them in one piece when stuck to noticeboards using clips or push pins for prominent display.

Maintain a safe distance flyers are available in multiple paper types and as double- or single-sided prints for placement inside brochure holders or for displaying both sides in a top-loading sign holder. There are also many available sizes to choose from, with larger sizes for improved visibility or smaller sizes to use as individual hand-outs.

Recycled materials make up the workplace safety flyers, reducing their carbon footprint and environmental impact. Help your employees stay hygienic while also being eco-conscious.

Social Distancing Flyers are Ready to Use and Portable

The business flyers are pre-printed with images and text promoting social distancing so they are ready to use and are quick to put in place for display or handed out as-is. Save time in implementation with no need for additional graphic design.

Lightweight and with no folds, to maintain social distancing flyers are easy to distribute and to transport to their intended place of use. A large quantity of flyers fit easily into small storage spaces for efficient use of resources.

Business Flyers are Easy to Procure

BannerBuzz makes it easy to obtain the maintain a safe distance flyers you need for your business with multiple shipping options. Choose the quantity, specifications, and delivery speed that fits both your requirements and your budget.

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