Maintain Safe Distance Floor Decals


Durable, High-Quality, and Customizable Safe Distance Floor Decals

When a disease outbreak occurs, companies must respond quickly to protect the safety of customers and staff. Compliance indicators can help enforce standards at your institution that help to prevent infection transmission. Our safety floor stickers serve as visual reminders to adhere to social distancing guidelines at your facility to keep everyone safe.

Our social distancing floor decals comprise a long-lasting 210 micron thick monomeric PVC material that is abrasion-resistant and weatherproof. As a result, you can use the stickers with confidence that they will endure a long time.

In the printing process, we employ a 720 DPI resolution to generate sharp images, assuring that every detail on the personalized floor decals is visible even from a distance. Full colour printing with a broad colour gamut produces bright prints that your guests notice easily, ensuring that the message stands out.

We provide customization options so you may tailor your order to your unique requirements. Choose from four size options or get a custom size that matches your needs. Provide any particular instructions so that these maintain a safe distance decals fit your brand. To ensure that the colours meet your expectations, choose between partial and full white ink choices.

Social Distancing Floor Decals are Pre-Designed and Eco-Friendly

The safety floor stickers have a pre-designed statement encouraging guests to respect social distancing rules. This saves time and effort in designing your own decals and allows you to use them right away.

Our personalized floor decals utilize an eco-solvent printing method that employs non-toxic biodegradable inks. This guarantees that the product is environmentally sustainable, lowers your carbon emissions, and allows your company to fulfil its social obligations.

Safe Distance Floor Decals are Easy to Install

During installation, use the squeegee tool to remove air bubbles and flatten uneven spots to give your social distancing floor decals a polished finish. The tool is easy to use and provides pressure control, enabling you to apply the decals quickly.

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