MDF Letters and Numbers

MDF Letters and Numbers


A budgeted and quick decorative solution for any indoor or outdoor space.

  • Available in various font styles and sizes
  • Different paint types available
  • Painted/Unpainted options available

Wood Craft Letters & Numbers - Add a Decorative Touch To Your Space

There are many choices of urban decor that we can use to boost the overall look of our residential or any other space. MDF letters & numbers are one of the newest approaches to get that done. At Bannerbuzz, we design nothing but the best quality wooden crafted letters and numbers that will impart a beautiful and sophisticated look to any wall. We help you create custom wood letters & numbers for your space depending upon your decor choices and needs. To start with, browse through our wide selection of MDF wooden letters/numbers. We cut these wooden letters and numbers based on your specifications. So, you have a complete choice of picking your size, thickness, and style. Order your custom painted MDF wooden letters/numbers now and we’ll put in much care to offer you a perfectly shaped and beautifully designed product of your choice. Also, do not miss to check out the optional mounting hardware, which includes aluminum studs, double face tape, and a paper template. You can add the optional hardware based on your installation requirements.

Features of BannerBuzz Medium-Density Fiberboard Letters/Numbers

At Bannerbuzz, we use a medium-density fiberboard to create these specialized letters & numbers. This fiberboard is made using compressed wood fibers, which makes it more sustainable and affordable. What makes this fiberboard so perfect is its composite smooth face. This makes painting the fiberboard letters and numbers very easy and lends a decorative edge to each one of it.

Take Advantage of The Below Custom Features:

  • As per your individual need, you can get these letters cut in a variety of thicknesses. The details are mentioned in the product specifications.
  • You get a choice of height, which can vary between 6 inches to 36 inches.
  • You can effortlessly order custom painted MDF numbers & letters based on your surface preference. For selecting the painted MDF wooden letters option, you get a choice of matte, gloss, and PU coating. You can pick a color from a wide range of 23 colors.
  • Sizing is another feature that makes your ordering process customized at BannerBuzz. All the letters are proportionally sized to uppercase letter size. Letters may vary based on the height you select.

To understand all the details, please check the product specifications. Place your order now and we’ll deliver you these beautifully designed signs that will draw attention in the quickest turnaround time.