Men's Sweatshirt - Embroidered


Design Your Own Custom Embroidered Sweatshirts with BannerBuzz

Sweatshirts have become essential apparel in everyone else’s wardrobe, making them a great marketing tool. Spreading positive words about your business or product using a custom sweatshirt is a feasible way to advertise. Therefore, businesses around the world are widely adopting this practice.

We at BannerBuzz help you customize sweatshirts by putting your company logo and helping you promote your brand and raise awareness of your product/ services. Our customized embroidered sweatshirts are one of the fabulous collections that everyone would love to try.

Our Men's embroidered sweatshirts are made of Polycotton Fleece Fabric. This fabric is a blend of 52% Polyester and 48% Cotton which is breathable and cosy. These sweatshirts come with a fabric warranty of 25 washes. These sweatshirts are less likely to fade if taken good care of.

Available in sizes ranging from S to XXL, custom embroidered sweatshirts can be ordered as per the fit required. If you want your embroidered men's sweatshirts to be customized, you will need to provide specific instructions along with your brand logo. Upload existing artwork or use our templates to design graphics for your embroidered men's sweatshirts online.

Low Maintenance Men's Embroidered Sweatshirts

Our sweatshirts are easy to wash and maintain. They feature some easy washing steps involving mild detergent to prevent discolouration. We advise you to turn garments inside out while washing, drying and ironing. In turn, this attracts attention and creates awareness, making your target market more inclined to contact you.

Taking minimal effort, the easy cleaning preserves the fabric quality, saving your company money on maintenance. These sweatshirts stay crisp all day, making your logo stand out against the white or black base colour.

Men's Embroidered Sweatshirts are Easy to Order

We offer multiple shipping options depending on your budget and needs for the Men's embroidered sweatshirts. Regardless of order size, door-to-door delivery simplifies the delivery process for you. With the ease of procurement, you can maximize your expenditures and get your employees set up with company apparel as quickly as possible.

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