Mounting Studs


Mounting Studs are Durable, Personalizable, and Versatile

Attaching signs to walls requires the right hardware to ensure a secure installation. Permanent displays require long-lasting material that holds up. Sign mounting studs fit into holes in corners and allow signs to stand off from the wall, minimizing direct contact with the surface. They also provide a neat, sleek, and contemporary style that adds to the visual appeal of your displays.

Sturdy, solid metal construction makes our mounting studs long-lasting and durable. Their 40 gram weight and 18 mm diameter provide optimal strength for supporting your signs. The studs resist wear and tear as it withstands tough conditions.

With the ability to personalize, our letter mounting studs are more than just installation hardware. Add optional specific instructions when ordering to give the studs unique characteristics that meet your needs and preferences. This allows you to create hardware that blends in and coordinates with signage and other decor.

A versatile design provides the means to use the wall mounting studs in many applications. Utilize them as stand-offs, supplying support while preventing signs from coming into direct contact with the mounting surface. They are also suitable for marketing signs, directional placards, and individual letters making up larger messages.

Wall Mounting Studs are Visually Appealing and Easy to Install

The sign mounting studs are easy to install and also make signs easy to put up. Detach the top portions of the studs to reveal a hole for the included screws and use these to attach to the wall. Finally, put the sign with pre-drilled holes in place over the studs and re-attach the tops for a secure mount.

The polished finish and symmetrical shape of our letter mounting studs gives them a sleek and visually appealing look. This style coordinates with other fixtures and decor, creating a contemporary design scheme. A compact size also allows the studs to look stylish while only taking up minimal space.

Mounting Studs are Easy to Order

Get the wall mounting studs you need with the ease and convenience of our ordering process. Select the size and quantity required and use our clear product information to make informed selections. We also offer several shipping and delivery options, including doorstep delivery.

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