Multi Depth Box

Multi Depth Box


Multi-Depth Boxes Save Shipping Costs and Packing Inventories

  • Made of single wall B flute corrugated fiberboard.
  • Efficient boxes for packaging different size items.
  • Digital printing offers appealing graphics on outer side of the box.
  • Utilized for shipping consolidated products at an economical cost.
  • Available in brown and white colors.

Buy Durable Multi Depth Box Scored at Multiple Depths for Easy Height Adjustment

Corrugated cardboard boxes are in high demand due to their ability to reduce packaging inventory as well as reduce transportation costs. Being creased at intervals, you can simply cut it to the height you need, fold it down, and you have a custom size carton. By using a Multi-Depth Box, you can ensure that your packages fit perfectly within the box so that harmful in-box movement is prevented. A variety of products can be shipped and stored using this highly versatile and durable packaging solution.

Sturdy Material:Made of single wall B flute corrugated fiberboard, this box is crafted to withstand the rigours of shipping and handling, while maintaining its integrity and strength. The material used in the construction of this box features high-grade semi-gloss kraft paper. The semi-gloss finish also adds a touch of elegance to the packaging, making it ideal for retail and e-commerce businesses.

High-quality Printing:The multi depth box features digital printing on the outside, which means that you can customize the box with your logo, graphics, and other branding elements. The digital printing technology ensures that the images are crisp, clear, and vibrant, making your packaging stand out from the competition.

Reusable and Recyclable:One of the most significant advantages of these boxes is its sustainability and environmental responsibility. The box is 100% recyclable and made from renewable materials, which make it an excellent choice for eco-conscious businesses. Moreover, the use of recyclable materials reduces the overall carbon footprint, making it an ideal packaging option for companies looking to reduce their environmental impact.

32 ECT for Durability: This mailer offers maximum protection and can withstand bursting forces up to 200 pounds as a result of the ECT (Edge Crush Test) rating of 32. This makes it a reliable shipping option for everything from books to clothes to electronics.

Personalize Multi Depth Corrugated Boxes for Brand Identity

Easy Personalization:Businesses prefer these kinds of boxes as they make them stand out right away and leave a lasting impression. You can add your logo, text, a picture, or even creative graphics to multi-depth boxes. With our online designing tool, you can alter the text, font and color as per your choice. If you have your own artwork, you can upload it in our preferred format. This feature helps to promote your brand and make your products stand out in a crowded market.

Various Sizes:These boxes are available in various sizes, making it ideal for packaging a wide range of products. The box features multiple score lines, allowing you to adjust the height of the box as per your requirements. This flexibility is especially beneficial for businesses that need to pack products of different sizes and shapes. With the Multi Depth Box, you can save money and reduce waste by using a single packaging solution for multiple products.

Easy and Hassle-Free Ordering Process for Multi Depth Box

Easy to Order:We offer a convenient online multi-depth shipping box shopping experience to our customers. Choose from multiple shipping options to get your moving boxes. You may choose from a number of options that will work within your time and budget. We also offer doorstep delivery for convenience. Shop online for multi depth boxes today!