Plain Face Masks

Plain Face Masks


Plain Face Masks Help Prevent Airborne Illnesses

  • Made from cotton Lycra fabric, the masks are durable.
  • Select from multiple customizable options to meet your business needs.
  • Comfortable to wear and ideal for everyday use.
  • Simple and easy to clean and maintain.
  • Doorstep delivery available for convenience.

Durable Plain Face Masks are Customizable and Easy to Care For

At your workplace, you will need to interact with clients, employees and guests. Protecting yourself and others from airborne aerosol is crucial. Face masks have become one of the most essential belongings to carry with you. Our cloth face masks catch respiratory droplets and prevent them from infecting others, while providing some protection to yourself, as well.

Made out of a premium-quality cotton Lycra fabric, the reusable face masks are durable. With a high degree of stretch, the fabric provides the best face coverage. The masks are resilient, so you can wear them every day. Our masks offer protection and are ideal for long-term use.

Choose from multiple colour options to fit your brands' needs. Depending on your requirements, you can select the pack quantities and also add a face shield. For further customization, you can also modify the blank face masks by including specific instructions.

The cloth face masks are simple to care for. You can simply wash the masks by hand after every use. Maintaining the masks is easy and timesaving. When not in use, store the masks in a clean, dry place.

Reusable Face Masks are Comfortable for Everyday Use

Made of breathable, skin-friendly cotton Lycra material, the blank face masks are light and airy while providing protection to yourself and others. The cotton fabric provides optimal comfort, ensuring you can wear the masks for a long period.

Composed of machine-washable cotton fabric, our reusable face masks are ideal for everyday use. You can wash the masks after every use for optimal protection. A one-time purchase, the reusable masks help to boost your ROI.

Our Plain Face Masks are Easy to Order

Choose from a variety of shipping options based on your budget and the urgency with which you need the order. Select doorstep delivery for a convenient and speedy arrival. We package the cloth face masks for shipment with utmost care for your safety and satisfaction.

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