Pleated Table Covers


Marketing Table Covers are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

To expand market share and sales, you must promote your company effectively. Choosing unique advertising approaches that deviate from typical marketing strategies might help you stand out from the crowd at trade shows and expos. Our full colour table covers provide your displays with a professional appearance while imprinting potential clients with your branding.

Polyester fabric provides our pleated table covers with resistance to environmental influences, making them durable. The tear-proof covers are tightly woven to prevent snagging and ensure the product has a long lifespan.

We use a full colour dye sublimation printing process to create high-quality graphics that are vibrant and don't fade easily. Printing at a 1440 DPI resolution ensures that people can see the images on the polyester table covers even from a distance.

Our washable table covers are available in three sizes to meet your specific requirements. To guarantee that the product reflects your branding, you can adjust the background colour and provide us with specific instructions. Upload your own artwork or hire a designer to assist you.

Full-Colour Table Covers are Easy to Care For and Order

The polyester table covers are simple to clean using a washing machine with a mild detergent. You can also hand wash the fabric to extend its life. The easy care regimen saves you time and effort.

When ordering our washable table covers, you have several shipping options to choose from, including doorstep delivery. Based on your urgency and budget, these solutions allow you to receive your tablecloths on time.

Pleated Table Covers are Available at a Bulk Discount

Order from 2 to over 50 of our full colour table covers and receive a bulk discount that can help you reduce your business expenditures. Whether you have a small or large establishment, you can access these savings.

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