Polyester Fabric Advisory Banners


Polyester Fabric Banners are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

At large gatherings, it is important for you to convey messages to guests and attendees efficiently. Our cloth banners make it easy for you to relay relevant information to visitors of your event or facility. The banners communicate your awareness campaigns and draw attention to your target message.

Polyester fabric weighing 230 GSM offers flexibility and longevity to the full-colour banners. The banners are durable and can withstand daily wear and tear because of their sturdy construction. As you can use the products for a long while, this durability also helps increase your ROI.

We print these custom fabric banners at 1440 DPI to ensure that the visuals are clear and high-resolution even when viewed from a distance. Full colour printing, which employs a variety of colours, produces dynamic prints that draw attention to the banners, ensuring that clients hear your message.

To meet your specific requirements, customization options are available for your polyester fabric banners. Choose from a variety of sizes or customize one. If you want visitors to see your message on both sides, choose two-sided printing. You also have hanging options. You can use our templates to make a design, upload your own, or hire a professional to make one for you.

Cloth Banners are Easily Portable and Easy to Care for

Lightweight materials provide easy portability to the custom fabric banners. This makes it easy to fold and store the banners for later use. As you can easily reuse the banners across various instances due to their portability, this makes the products a onetime investment for your establishment.

Our full-colour banners are easy to maintain and care for. Use a mild detergent to hand-wash or machine wash at a regular temperature. Dry flat for best results and avoid ironing when soaked. Simple maintenance procedures make the banners convenient to use.

Get Bulk Order Discounts with Polyester Fabric Banners

Purchase the custom fabric banners in accordance with your budget, requirement, and the size of your business. You can place an order for quantities as low as 2 to over 500, and can also receive discounts on purchasing in bulk.

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