Polyester Fabric Awareness Banners


Awareness Banners are Durable, High Quality, and Customizable

During public health events, people get their information from a variety of sources. Keeping your clients informed and educated about best health practices and scientific data helps to keep everyone safe. Our custom fabric banners display the text and graphics of your choice and keep your employees and customers well-informed.

Made from 230 GSM polyester fabric, our full colour banners are flexible and strong. They allow you to inform your client and staff for a long time because of their durability. The material also stands up to stretching and being held taut by hanging hardware.

Printed in full colour, these polyester fabric banners are vibrant and have sharp contrast to convey the intended message clearly. High resolution of 1440 DPI produces neat, clean text that allows your visitors and employees to see the message on the banners from a distance.

Design the custom fabric banners in our online design tool to match your company's brand and image. You can also upload your own design or hire a professional to create one for you. We offer many sizes to choose from or we can customize a size that fits your business. Select pole pockets or grommets for your preferred banner hanging method and pick two sided printing, which attracts the attention of passers-by from opposite directions.

Polyester Fabric Banners are Portable and Easy to Clean

The polyester fabric banners fold up with ease and take up little space during storage. Their lightweight feature makes them easy to relocate. You get an improved return on investment since you can move and reuse the banners.

Regular cleaning removes dust and pollen build-up, keeping the full colour banners looking vibrant. They are machine-washable for easy cleaning using a mild detergent. Iron the banners after air-drying to remove wrinkles.

Awareness Banners are Available in Bulk

Order 2 to over 500 custom fabric banners and get discounts. Bulk orders allow for extensive displays throughout spacious facilities. Our range of discounts allows you to work within your company's budget for cost-effective ordering.

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