Polyester Fabric Banners

Polyester Fabric Banners


Display Your Brand and Messages Clearly with Polyester Fabric Banners

  • Hanging banners are made of durable fabric that will last for years.
  • Can feature your own design and display any message you want.
  • Used 1440 DPI for sharp, professional graphics.
  • Fabric is lightweight, making it easy to set up, store, and transport.

Polyester Fabric Banners are Durable, Customizable, and High Quality

Whether you manage a store or promote your company at trade shows, you would like to convey your brand and its messages in bold and attractive ways. Fortunately, you can use lightweight banners to hang in places for customers to easily notice. These banners help generate business, whether used to market, inform, or direct your consumers.

Our hanging banners use polyester fabric for durability and strength. This makes the fabric hard to tear or stretch. Being synthetic, the fabric is moisture-resistant and lasts for a long time indoors.

These advertising banners are printed with full-colour dye sublimation techniques, meaning the colours will precisely match those on your images. With high contrast and fidelity, your banners are sure to attract attention from passers-by. With 1440 DPI resolution, the images are sharp and detailed, making text look professional and easy to read from long distances.

There are multiple customization options to consider for polyester fabric banners to suit your needs. Opt to upload your own graphic, design a graphic using templates, or hire a BannerBuzz designer for a unique creation. Should you want a different material, you can select polyester, PVC free flex, or vinyl. There are six pre-set sizes to choose from, or request a custom size you have in mind for your banner.

Hanging Banners are Portable and Available with Bulk Discounts

BannerBuzz's lightweight banners are simple to hang, move, fold, and store to accommodate your needs. At 230 grams per square meter (GSM), the banners hang with your chosen hardware. With weight not being an issue, this potentially saves you the trouble of buying additional equipment.

Advertising banners are eligible for bulk order discounts. Should you need to buy multiple banners for different locations, you can save money when you include over one banner in your order. The cost of each banner decreases with more banners in your cart. This saves you money should you require a multitude of banners for your business.

Polyester Fabric Banners are Easy to Maintain

Maintaining your lightweight banners is easy, with no elaborate techniques necessary. Regularly machine wash or hand wash the banners with mild detergent. You can consider both options, as they won't cause your banners to fade or wrinkle easily.

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