Practice Social Distancing Floor Decals


Social Distancing Floor Decals are Durable, High-Quality and Customizable

To keep people safe from contagious diseases at your business, you need a way to encourage physical distancing. Our safe distancing decals get that message across clearly to help prevent people from getting sick. The decals are ideal for use at health care centres, retail stores, and offices, among other business environments.

Made from monomeric PVC material that is 210 microns thick, our social distancing floor decals are tough while resisting moisture, sunlight and weathering. The decals are highly durable to deliver you a long service life.

Full-colour printing gives our 6 feet apart floor decals a wide range of vibrant colours to get the intended message across clearly. With a resolution of 720 DPI, the images on the decals are sharp and easy to see from a distance.

Choose from multiple preset sizes, or opt for a custom size to meet your specific needs and preferences. Furthermore, you can choose from the different ink options, or even enter specific instructions so that the PVC decals you end up with will satisfy you.

Safe Distancing Decals are Ready to Use and Eco-friendly

With a pre-printed message and graphics, our social distancing floor decals save you the time, effort, and trouble of coming up with a message and image of your own. After putting into place, the decals are ready for use.

We use an eco-solvent printing mechanism to produce our safe distancing decals, which results in lower carbon emissions and a reduced carbon footprint. As a result, you can fulfil your social responsibility to be eco-friendly and sustainable.

Social Distancing Floor Decals are Easy to Install

Our 6 feet apart floor decals come with a plastic squeegee tool to allow for easy installation on a surface of your choice. The squeegee provides you with easy handling and pressure control for precise application.

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