Pre Printed Auction Feather Flag


Feather Flags are High Quality, Customizable, and Easy to Install

Any public-dealing business requires adequate signage to help it stand out and assist potential customers in successfully navigating to the building. Events such as auctions that are held in impromptu locations or in changing facilities also benefit from offering directional guidance to buyers. Feather-shaped advertising flags allows for roadside placement, making each one clearly visible to drivers and passers-by. The fabric remains taut no matter which direction the wind is going, keeping text legible, even when seen from afar.

Auction flags undergo a high-quality printing process that produces bright colours and bold text, ensuring visibility from a distance as drivers approach. This gives them time to brake and make the turn safely and continue driving towards their destination. Single-sided flags offer a mirror image on the reverse side, with 50 to 60% clarity. Double-sided flags have an inserted liner to add body to the flag for good durability.

These promotional flags come in various heights to ensure visibility above obstacles, such as bushes and other natural or man-made formations. Other options include single- or double-sided flags for drivers coming from any direction as well as the choice to order the flag graphic only or only the pole. Choose a spike base, a cross base, or a cross base with a water bag for added ballast and balance.

Easy installation allows you to put up advertising flags at short notice and with additional parts. The spike base simply drives into the ground while the cross bases sit flat upon it.

Auction Flags are Portable and Ready to Use

Promotional flags are lightweight and portable for ease of transport from one location to another. Each base is also quick and easy to install. Stick the spike base into the soil and lay the cross bases flat upon the ground for a flag that stays put until removal.

Auction flags feature pre-printed text, so there's no need to devise any additional slogan or marketing graphics. The message is friendly and welcoming to help lead to a higher auction turnout.

Feather Flags are Easy to Maintain

Remove auction flags from their poles and machine-wash cold on delicate setting, or hand-wash, to clean them of accumulated dust and dirt.

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