Pre-Printed For Rent Feather Flag

Pre-Printed For Rent Feather Flag

  • The pre-printed, ready-to-order flag features vibrant, long-lasting colors.
  • Printing choices include single-sided and double-sided printing.
  • Durable & lightweight flag is ideal for outdoor advertising and transportation.
  • Add hardware: includes aluminum flag pole and cross/spike base options.

Durable Feather Flag With Simple, Relevant Pre-Printed Graphics

Effective signage that clearly communicates your rental business services can help you reach out to the right audience easily and bring in more business inquiries. Effective signage like our pre-printed for rent feather flag can give an extra boost to your business, no matter how big or small it is. It can bring in more relevant inquiries, leading to increased sales and boosted business.

The full-color printing of our pre-printed for rent flag will catch everyone’s eye as they approach your rental property. The vibrant blue color and simple FOR RENT messaging will need just a glimpse of the on-looker to take notice. Installing the flag at the right location will ensure that your rental property does not miss out on prospective tenants already looking to rent a property like yours.

Our rent feather flag is durable yet light, which makes it ideal for outdoor use and transportation. Made out of premium quality flag fabric, it inherits weather-resistant properties. It makes the flag capable of withstanding different mild to moderate ambient conditions.

To meet your printing preferences, we offer both single-sided and double-sided printing of our pre-printed for rent feather flags. In a single-sided flag, the design bleeds through to the back, allowing 50-60% visibility of the graphic image on the backside. Whereas, a double-sided printed flag includes graphic design on both sides of the flag, with a flag liner sewn between the two sides of the fabric.

Add a Sturdy Flagpole and Flag Base For a Ready-To-Install Solution

You can order our pre-printed feather flag individually or along with the hardware. The flexibility allows you to suit your advertising budget and specific needs. Unless you already have the right hardware for the flag, we recommend ordering the fabric, flagpole, and base together for a ready-to-install quick advertising solution. If you are interested in ordering the hardware along with the flag fabric, please turn the ADD POLE option to YES.

Made out of aluminum, our flagpole adds strength and durability to the flag. It features a pre-designed pole pocket on the left, using which you can easily slide the flag graphic and secure it in minutes. Besides the sturdy flagpole, you can add a cross base or spike base depending upon your flag installation needs. The cross base option comes with additional flexibility to add water bags that add extra weight to make the flag more stable.

Take Advantage Of The Bulk Quantity Discount and Priority Shipping

Bulk quantity discount is yet another feature you can take advantage of when ordering our pre-printed for rent feather flag. Bulk discount helps you save extra on your total order value. The discount percentage will directly depend upon the quantity of the flags you order. To check out all the available discount/price ratios, refer to the bulk quantity discount table above. Plus, our pre-printed flags qualify for priority shipping. In case you are in urgent need of rent feather flags, you can choose the priority shipping option at checkout.