Pre Printed Maintain Safe Distance Feather Flag


Maintain-Safe-Distance Flags are Durable and Customizable

With recent events, your businesses may require ways to remind people to stay 6 feet apart for proper social distancing. Our printed feather flags enable you to remind visitors, passers-by, and staff members to maintain the recommended spacing. The flags employ easily understandable messaging to communicate with your audience. Do your part to help stop the spread of illnesses with health and safety notices.

Carbon composite fibreglass and quality fabrics together provide durability to your promotional feather flags. The materials offer high-tensile strength and weather resistance. These properties make the flags suitable for daily outdoor use and provide a longer lifespan.

We print our advertising feather flags using dye sublimation. This process provides high-resolution graphics with vivid, vibrant colours. The print is long-lasting and the high quality helps attract the attention of passers-by.

Choose from the different sizes of our maintain safe distance flags. Depending on your specific requirements, you can purchase only the graphics, only the pole, or both. You can also choose between single and double-sided printing. The multiple customization possibilities help you receive products true to your required specifications.

Printed Feather Flags are Ready to Use and Portable

Our promotional feather flags come with pre-printed messages. This helps you save time and effort spent in designing the message. The flags are ready to use following a short and straightforward installation process.

Poles and cross or spike bases are available for purchase with the advertising feather flags to provide easy portability. The flags are easy to move and reposition using these attachments. You can reuse the flags across different locations, which helps to increase your ROI.

Maintain Safe Distance Flags are Low Maintenance

Our promotional feather flags do not require extensive maintenance. You can easily clean the flags on the gentle setting in a washing machine. If you choose to hand wash the flags, all you need are mild liquid detergents.

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