Pre Printed Now Open Feather Flag


Feather Flags are High on Quality, Customizable, and Easy to Install

If your business is opening or re-opening, you're eager to encourage passersby to visit and see what you have on offer. Use advertising flags outside your building so customers know you are now open for business. The flags help generate buzz for your business from Day One.

Our marketing flags come in an appealing combination of navy blue and white that attract attention. A simple Now Open message is on the flags, so consumers can easily read from any distance. The single-sided version shows the graphic mirrored on the reverse side with 50 to 60% visibility. For double-sided flags, a stitched liner secures both sides of each flag to keep the fabric in place.

Now Open flags have customization options to choose from. There are options available to only ship the fabric or the pole by itself. For pole options, you can select either a spike base for grass, a cross base for flat surfaces, or a cross base with a water bag for stability. You can also order the flags in a double-sided version so customers can read the flag from any direction.

Bannerbuzz feather flags are simple to install, regardless of which pole option you choose. Spike bases can be easily pushed into dirt or soil to keep the flags stable. Cross bases have their own set of legs and stand on any surface. Water bags just need water for buoyancy so the flags and cross bases can float.

Now Open Flags are Portable and Ready to Use

The portability of these advertising flags makes them quick to move and relocate. Each version is easy to carry and transfer to a different spot for another opening or re-opening. This re-using provides good value for money.

The marketing flags come with the Now Open graphics, pre-printed. Simply assemble the pole and fasten the fabric onto it. As opposed to designing your own feather-style flags, owning these flags requires less time and resources.

Easy Care Feather Flags

The Now Open signs can be cleaned easily. Machine wash or hand wash the flags with mild liquid detergent for a thorough clean. This removes accumulated grime and dust so customers can see the flag clearly.

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